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Series 17CA3000
Series 17CA3000

   DeNora Series 17CA3000

  • Hazardous gas monitor

  • Micro-processor provides full features and up to 4 sensor capability.

  • Provides multiple location monitoring for chlorine gas leaks

  • Series 1610B
    Series 1610B

       DeNora Series 1610B

  • Single point chlorine gas detector

  • Economical monitoring for chlorine gas leaks,sing electrochemical sensor techonology.

  • MicroChem 2
    MicroChem 2

       DeNora MicroChem 2

  • Microprocessor based chlorine residual analyzer

  • For measurement of free and total chlorine residuals and other oxidants.

  • Series 1770
    Series 1770

       DeNora Series 1770

  • Clean water chlorine residual analyzer

  • Most economical measurement of free chlorine residual

  • Requires no regents

  • Vaporizer - Series 71V3000
    Vaporizer - Series 71V3000

       DeNora Vaporizer - Series 71V3000

  • Liquid chlorine vaporizer

  • Capacities to 200 kg/h

  • Simpke, robust design provides superior gas superheat without water recirculation pump